Chris Christie rips Cruz for 'kissing Donald's rear end' but not endorsing Trump
Chris Christie (Photo: Screen capture)

Chris Christie has moved from being the shadow of GOP nominee Donald Trump back into attack mode against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

After an angry speech at the Republican Convention Tuesday, Christie spoke at a forum moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper Wednesday. Christie is not happy with the establishment wing of the GOP or keeping their distance from the party's nominee.

"If you sign the pledge you should adhere to the pledge," Christie said about the notorious pledge the GOP required their candidates to sign that said they would support the party's nominee regardless of who he or she is. "I just think you're supposed to keep your word."

Cruz and Trump had some notable disagreements during the campaign and Trump was merciless in attacking and humiliating Cruz, calling him "lying Ted" and attacking his close ties to Wall Street as well as his family. As a result, Cruz has stayed largely silent on the new nominee and hasn't said much on Trump since pulling out of the race.

"I think that's part of the problem and part of the continued friction," Christie continued. "So, I hope Ted Cruz gets up tonight when he speaks at the convention and keeps his word and endorses Donald Trump. He should, and especially the way he was kissing Donald's rear end for the first six months of the campaign. I mean all of us were kind of, I mean, right?" he said as the audience laughed.

"Seriously, they don't understand that Donald is not a politician. He thought Ted really meant it," Christie continued. "He thought Ted was being honest when he said all these nice things about Donald and then all of the sudden he starts attacking Donald and I remember Donald calls me and is like, 'I thought this guy liked me.' I said, 'He never liked you! Are you kidding? He never liked you. He was faking it.'"

Christie said he hopes that Cruz makes amends tonight and gives the endorsement. “And if he doesn’t,” Christie closed, “then he’s less of a person than he presents himself to be to the American people.”

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