Navy shoots down 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's overstated claims of medals received
Chris Kyle, subject of the Clint Eastwood film, 'American Sniper' (Facebook)

Responding to reports that famed "American Sniper" Chris Kyle embellished his war record with claims of medals he never received, the US Navy has released his records showing he overstated his valor awards in his best-selling book.

In an unusual move, the Navy released the late Navy Seal's discharge paperwork showing a discrepancy between what he stated in the book  -- which went on to become a box office smash -- and what he was actually awarded,  reports USAToday,

According to the Navy,  no records were found for two of six Bronze Stars with combat 'V' and the second Silver Star, two of which he had said he received. The Navy did state that famed sniper had earned a single  Silver Star and four Bronze Stars during his ten years of service.

“After thoroughly reviewing all available records, the Navy determined an error was made in the issuance of Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle’s form DD214,” Ensign Marc Rockwellpate, a Navy spokesman, said in a statement. “Specifically, the DD 214 did not accurately reflect the decorations and awards to which Kyle was officially entitled. After notifying his family of the error, the Navy issued a corrected copy of the DD 214, which accurately reflects Kyle’s years of honorable and extraordinary Navy service.”

Kyle never corrected the official record, which has cast a shadow over other claims made in his book.

Previously, Kyle was sued for defamation -- and lost -- after claiming he punched former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, with a jury awarding Ventura $1.8 million.

Additionally questions were raised after Kyle claimed he shot dozens of looters in New Orleans in the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina.

According to the Navy, the second Silver Star would have made Kyle one of the most decorated service members in the post-9/11 era.

The former Navy Seal died in 2013 while mentoring a troubled veteran at a shooting range.