Sanders campaign manager tells candidate's supporters to knock off the 'lock her up' chants
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks at a campaign rally In Madison, Wisconsin on July 1, 2015. (Juli Hansen /

Saying he understands their frustrations, the campaign manager for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a warning for some of the candidate's more boisterous supporters in Philadelphia.

Stop the "lock her up" chants aimed at presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to The Hill, Sanders campaign head Jeff Weaver was pressed about protesters in the street and at a Sanders rally on Monday who echoed the chant heard at the Republican convention last week.

Asked if they should stop chanting, "lock her up," Weaver simply answered  "Yes."

"I know emotions are running high right now but I think people really have to consider the implications of what a Trump presidency would mean for those of us who support the kind of agenda that Bernie Sanders has laid out for the country," Weaver stated. "I would encourage them to continue the political revolution by advancing the cause of progressive change."

"And the best way we're going to do that at this point is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot," he continued.