Ana Navarro shames RNC Hispanic exec: 'I'm old enough to remember when you were offended by Trump'
Ashleigh Banfield, Helen Aguirre Ferré, Ana Navarro -- (CNN screen grab)

CNN political analyst and GOP consultant Ana Navarro didn't mince any words when she sat on a panel with GOP Hispanic Communications Director Helen Aguirre Ferré, reminding her of her extensive history of loathing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Navarro, who unloaded on Trump earlier in the day, saying he "beats Hispanics like piñatas," sat and listened to Ferré describe to host Ashleigh Banfield a meeting Trump had over the weekend with Hispanic leaders while putting a positive spin on it.

When it came Navarro's chance to speak, she ticked off a litany of Trump offenses against the Hispanic community -- including calling Mexicans "rapists" and attacking U.S.born judge Gonzalo Paul Curiel -- before turning her ire on Ferré and reminding her of her previous history with Trump before going to work for the Republican National Committee.

As Ferré attempted to stop her, Navarro shot her down.

“Listen, Helen, I let you speak and I’m old enough to remember when you used to Tweet against Donald Trump! I’m old enough to remember when you used to be as offended as I am by the things Donald Trump used to say!" Navarro exclaimed."That was before he was the nominee. That was before you had an RNC job.”

Ferré shot back that she has been offended by Trump, then added, "I more offended by what Hillary Clinton has done and what she hasn't done. And, quite frankly, I'm offended that she panders to our community."

Navarro replied by saying she has been critical of both Clinton and President Barack Obama on Hispanic issues in the past before pointing out, "Now I have never heard Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, and frankly most Republicans, use the racist remarks and the racist language that I have heard Donald Trump use for the last year."

Turning back toJudge Curiel, Navarro pointedly added, "When you question a man's ability to his job as a judge because of his heritage, that's called bigotry."

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