CNN strategist: Joe Arpaio advising Trump on immigration law — 'the man is a national disgrace'
Maria Cardona Joe Arpaio (Photo: Screen capture and Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Hillary Clinton surrogate Maria Cardona takes issue with notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio advising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In the last week, Trump has confused running mate Mike Pence, surrogates, spokesperson, journalists and even other Republicans trying to understand the recent pivot in his policy.

"I actually don't think much of Joe Arpaio," Cardona told CNN host Victor Blackwell on Sunday. "The man is a national disgrace. And that’s not just me talking, today The Washington Post had a scathing editorial about this man who has continually flouted the law. He has been found in contempt of court repeatedly and has now been referred for criminal prosecution to the Department of Justice because he refuses to stop racial profiling to keep his deputies from harassing Latinos, who are U.S. citizens, by the way, simply because of the color of their skin and how they look and sound."

"This is a man who is advising a potential president on immigration law," she continued. "I'm sorry, but it just does not ring true or credible or anything in terms of this man having anything to do with our nation's immigration laws."

Sheriff Arpaio might be facing jail time if one judge has his way.

"The Court finds that the defendants have engaged in multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty and bad faith...They have demonstrated a persistent disregard for the orders of this court, as well as an intention to violate and manipulate the laws and policies regulating their conduct," Judge G. Murray Snow of United States District Court in Phoenix wrote in May.

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