In a live CNN interview that ran over 30 minutes without commercials, host Chris Cuomo relentlessly challenged Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani, often leaving the former New York mayor stuttering while trying to explain comments made by the Republican nominee.

Cuomo began by challenging Trump's recent assertion that President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton "founded ISIS."

Giuliani called the false claim "legitimate political commentary."

"But it's not true," Cuomo said, comparing the comments to Trump's recent sloppily-worded statement that "Second Amendment people" could stop Clinton.

"It's part of a pattern," the CNN host charged. "I don't control what comes out of his mouth. The man has blacklisted me, won't come on this show because he doesn't like answering questions about what he says."

"It's a pattern of the press exaggerating what he says," Giuliani insisted.

"He's saying my coverage is rigged," Cuomo observed. "Do you think my coverage is rigged?"

"I think a lot of coverage is rigged," Giuliani replied.

"How is it rigged?" Cuomo shot back. "This comes out of his mouth and you have to apologize for it."

"I'm telling you he didn't say words of violence!" Giuliani said. "You say things in a lot of ways."

"This is what the man does," Cuomo remarked. "He says things that are either casual or hyperbolic to impress the crowd. And then they go too far and he refuses to apologize and blames the media. It's happened at least 10 times that I can name right off the top of my head."

For another 30 minutes, Cuomo held Giuliani's feet to the fire. Watch the epic interview in four parts below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Note: Part 3 will be added when it becomes available.