Everyone on social media is mocking this Trump lawyer's #SaysWho fiasco — and it’s a scream
Trump attorney Michael Cohen (CNN screen grab)

Trump attorney Michael Cohen -- until recently best known for stating that a husband can't rape his own wife -- may have jumped to the top of the list when it comes to the what was the worst possible 30 seconds by a spokesperson for the Trump campaign this election season with his "Says who" retort to questions about polls on CNN Wednesday afternoon.

With lawyerly calm and bluntness, Donald Trump's attorney attempted to pretend that the polls showing the campaign collapsing didn't exist by swatting away CNN host Brianna Keilar's questions about the numbers, repeatedly saying, "Says who?"

The childish replies -- reminding many of Sarah Palin's "All of them, Katie" response to Katie Couric on which papers she reads -- naturally delighted social media quipsters who were quick to point out: "When your campaign slogan is 'SaysWho' your campaign is over."

With some calling "#SaysWho"  the "greatest hashtag ever,"  the pile-on began for another Trump spokesperson failure day -- another day wasted trying to get the campaign on track.

A sampling below:


Oddly enough, this happened later: