Ex-Secret Service agent: Fallout over Trump's 'potentially dangerous' rant is just beginning
Former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow (Screen cap).

The controversy over Donald Trump saying that "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton from making Supreme Court picks after she becomes president is showing no signs of ending.

In a segment on CNN Wednesday, former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow slammed Trump's statement as "potentially dangerous" and explained why it was something that the Secret Service needed to take seriously.

"Words have consequences," Wackrow stated bluntly, before noting that Trump hasn't even bothered to fully clarify his remarks from Tuesday. "He now has the ability to come out and clarify it. We're sitting here today at 11 o'clock, this is more than 14 hours later, still debating this. The issue's not done, it's not going away. Donald Trump, as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, has to end it."

In its initial response to Trump's remarks on Tuesday, the campaign released a blistering statement accusing the media and the Clinton campaign of taking Trump's remarks out of context.

At the same time, there hasn't been a coherent explanation of exactly what Trump meant when he talked about "Second Amendment people" stopping Clinton's Supreme Court picks.

In fact, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski admitted he had no idea what Trump meant in his remarks, while campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson delivered a logic-free rant about them on MSNBC that left host Kate Snow dumbfounded.

Check out the full clip below.