Internet mocks Trump spokesperson's claim Obama invaded Afghanistan with #KatrinaPiersonHistory
Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson on CNN (Screengrab)

After yet another gaffe-laden interview on CNN where she bluntly stated that the U.S. invaded Afghanistan under Commander in Chief Barack Obama -- missing the actual invasion date by eight years -- it was inevitable that Twitter would create #KatrinaPiersonHistory in honor of the Trump campaign spokesperson.

Appearing on CNN Saturday morning, Pierson found that out that it was much easier for her boss to make up stories, get facts wrong and generally lie without being called-out face to face.

Attempting to deflect attention away from the GOP's presidential nominee who sarcastically -- or maybe not -- claimed President Barack Obama was the "founder" of ISIS, Pierson went a step further saying Obama invaded Afghanistan after the surge in Iraq.

"After the surge when al Qaeda was in ashes. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — remember we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time," she stated. "Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem."

Pressed by CNN host Victor Blackwell -- who was stunned by an assertion that was completely at odds with history -- Pierson stood firm, saying, "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — that was Obama’s war, yes.”

Thus was born, #KatrinaPiersonHistory.

And it wouldn't be complete without Harambe: