Non-doctor 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli claims Clinton has Parkinson’s after jokes with reporters
Martin Shkreli talks to Maria Bartiromo (Screenshot/Fox Business)

"Most hated man in America" and man commonly referred to as "Pharma Bro," Martin Shkreli is weighing in on the 2016 presidential election by claiming that Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease.

In a tweet sent Sunday afternoon, the Trump supporter said that he has looked at a number of Clinton's videos and he is diagnosing her with the disease that often causes uncontrollable body tremors.

Shkreli then linked a video of Clinton being surprised by reporters and commented: “The videos are clear. She has freezing gait and dyskinesia.”

He then took his conspiracy theories to Periscope for over two hours to discuss and answer questions.

Shkreli dropped out of high school his senior year but graduated because he had the necessary credits and got his bachelor's degree in business administration, not medicine, from Baruch College in 2004. He did not go to medical school.

His full video is below: