REVEALED: Melania Trump outright lied under oath about having a college degree
Melania Trump (Disney/Flickr)

Melania Trump's website was yanked offline in July when discrepancies surfaced about her claim that she graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She, in fact, did not graduate, rather she only attended classes before moving on to a modeling career and coming to the United States under possibly illegal visas.

Now it seems, new evidence shows that Trump may have lied about her degree under oath, which would make her guilty of perjury.

The case involved a now-defunct caviar skincare line, which recalls Melania Trump promoted on "Good Morning America," her husband's show "The Apprentice" and on CNBC, but ultimately never made it to the market. The contract Trump had with a cosmetic company called New Sunshine LLC imploded when friend Steve Hilbert was fired from the company by another Trump friend, John Menard.

The extensive investigation about the bizarre world of cosmetics outlines a business catastrophe that ended up in court, where Trump was asked to testify. She revealed the frustration and anger with the company that never launched a product she worked so hard to promote around the world. But the kicker comes when the attorneys were asking Trump basic questions about who she was and where she was from.

"Where were you born, Mrs. Trump?" the attorney asked.

"I was born in Slovenia," she answered.

"Would you please explain to the Judge your formal education including what schools you attended and from which you graduated?" the attorney requested.

"I attended and graduated from design school, from fashion and Industrial Design School and also attended, graduated from architecture degree, bachelor degree," she testified under oath.

As was revealed in July after Trump's plagiarism scandal, that isn't an accurate account of Trump's educational background. She does not have an architecture degree, nor did she graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Below is a scanned copy of the court transcript via

Perjury is a criminal offense punishable up to five years in prison and fines for a federal case, and at least a year in prison for state crimes.