Stephen King opens another can of whoopass on Tea Party Gov. Paul LePage
Author Stephen King at the Los Angeles premiere of The Manchurian Candidate (Featureflash /

Horror author Stephen King made his opinion of Maine Gov. Paul LePage very clear on Saturday.

"Our governor, Paul LePage, is a bigot, a homophobe, and a racist. I think that about covers it," King tweeted.

LePage made news this week for claiming that most drug dealers are black or Hispanic, and then calling a lawmaker who criticized his comments a "son-of-a-bitch socialist c*cksucker." The incident provoked Maine’s largest newspaper to apologizing on behalf of the state for electing LePage.

This is not the first time that King, who lives in Maine, has criticized his state's Tea Party governor.

"One must admit LePage has elevated assholery to a level far past the extraordinary and into a rarified sphere that might be termed divine," King said in January after LePage complained that urban drug dealers named "D-Money" were coming to Maine and impregnating "young, white girls."

Then, in March, he said LePage was "full of the stuff that makes the grass grow green" for claiming he had moved out of the state to avoid taxes. "Tabby and I pay every cent of our Maine state income taxes, and are glad to do it," King continued. "We feel, as Governor LePage apparently does not, that much is owed from those to whom much has been given. We see our taxes as a way of paying back the state that has given us so much. State taxes pay for state services. There’s just no way around it. Governor LePage needs to remember there ain’t no free lunch."