'Trump is a child rapist': Texas GOP official to protest the Republican 'psychopath' at Austin rally
Donald Trump removes his hat to show that his hair is real during a political rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on August 21, 2015 in Mobile, Alabama (AFP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

A Texas GOP official is planning to protest Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's rally in Austin Tuesday evening by wearing a signboard that accuses Trump of "child rape."

The Austin Chronicle reported that Robert Morrow -- chairman of the Travis County Republican Party -- will join the ranks of protesters expected outside the appearance at Austin' Luedecke Arena.

“Donald Trump’s psychopathy has been on full display on the national political stage for over a year,” said Morrow in a press release. “I want folks to know that Trump is a child rapist and that he is currently being sued in a civil action in NY federal courts for raping, slapping an 13-year-old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1994. Trump also threatened to murder the girl, now age 35 and a Jane Doe plaintiff, and also murder her family if she ever told how he (Trump) sexually abused her."

[caption id="attachment_870166" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Travis County Republican Party chairman Robert Morrow with the sign he plans to protest with at Donald Trump's Austin rally (Facebook.com) Travis County Republican Party chairman Robert Morrow with the sign he plans to protest with at Donald Trump's Austin rally (Facebook.com)[/caption]

The lurid allegations were filed in federal court in June. The anonymous plaintiff said that Trump lured her and other underage girls to parties with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The former reality TV star reportedly enticed the girls with promises of modeling contracts, then took advantage of them sexually.

The independent fact-checking agency Snopes.com is currently investigating the allegations and has yet to determine how much validity there may be to the charges.

KVUE.com said that Morrow has been furiously tweeting in the run-up to the protest. He has demanded five minutes of microphone time to question Trump and deliver his own message.

Morrow is notorious in Texas political circles for his strident views and his willingness to spout wild allegations about Democratic and Republican political figures.

He has alleged that former Gov. Rick Perry (R) is a "rampaging bisexual adulterer." He has called Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton an "angry bull dyke." Former presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Morrow once said is "very likely a gayman who got married.”

Morrow was narrowly elected to his seat as party chairman. Some less extreme Republicans have been horrified to see him at the helm of their party.

“We will explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account,” said Travis County Republican vice-chair Matt Mackowiak to the Texas Tribune when Morrow was elected. “I’m treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover.”