WATCH: Fox guest's jaw drops after Katie Pavlich says 'police aren't shooting innocent black men'
Katie Pavlich debates David Goodfriend on Fox News (Screen cap).

Fox News is known for having hosts who spout opinions that aren't backed up by any facts -- but Katie Pavlich on Monday still may have broken new ground for telling absolute howlers.

Media Matters notes that during a debate on police violence with David Goodfriend, an attorney who served as Deputy Staff Secretary under Bill Clinton in the 1990s, Pavlich claimed that "people aren't shooting innocent black men," before bizarrely adding that "when they do, they're held accountable for it."

The statement is obviously absurd on its face, since she both says that police are and are not shooting innocent black men in the same sentence. Goodfriend's jaw practically hit the floor when she said it and couldn't believe his ears.

"What? Did you just say police are not shooting innocent black men?" said a stunned Goodfriend. "Did you just say that on national television?"

Of course, we've seen many instances of police shooting black men who had committed no crimes this year alone -- witness the Miami cop who shot an unarmed black hospital caregiver, for instance, or the police officer in Minnesota who fatally shot a black man after pulling him over for a busted taillight.

And as far as accountability goes, we only have to look at the examples of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner to see that officers are not always held accountable even when they kill a completely innocent person.

Check out the full clip below.