'We don't do that here in the US': CNN analyst rips Brazilian guards for pulling guns on Ryan Lochte
Law enforcement analyst Art Roderick speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Appearing on CNN, a former U.S. Marshals director questioned a Brazilian guard's actions after getting into a scuffle with four U.S. Olympic swimmers, suggesting that pulling a gun on a suspect or a criminal is not something that happens in the U.S.

With hosts on Fox attempting to excuse the actions of the four U.S. Olympic swimmers -- Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and James Feigen -- who vandalized a gas station bathroom, others have called into question the response of the guards who held the men at gunpoint while waiting for police to respond.

According to Fernando Veloso, chief of civil police in Rio de Janeiro, Gold medalist Lochte was "very angry because he was intoxicated" and scuffled with the guards.

Addressing the facts as they are currently known, CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick questioned the show of fire power, stating using a weapon to "control the situation" is unheard of the United States.

"There was a handgun used," Roderick remarked. "Now when we talk about a handgun used, we're talking about Brazil, we're not talking about the U.S. And I think the Brazilian chief basically said they used it to control the individuals. We don't do that here in the U.S."

"So possibly could have Lochte, with a language issue, with a language barrier that was going on, could he have perceived this as a possible extortion issue? It very well could be," he continued. "I mean is this going to come down to semantics and is there enough on each side to maybe cancel this out."

Roderick did concede that an apology would be in order.

The former U.S. Marshall previously appeared on CNN to defend armed protesters in Oregon who were handed more delicately than Black Lives Matter protesters after they took over a federal building in Oregon saying the white men were “not looting anything.”

Watch the video below via CNN: