Corey Lewandowski double dips in August: $20K from Trump campaign — plus his CNN paycheck
Corey Lewandowski gets shushed by Christine Quinn on CNN (Screen cap)

CNN hired Corey Lewandowski after he was "fired" by Donald Trump's campaign for president. The word "fired" is in quotes, because it seems Lewandowski is not only still making money, he's making a substantial amount of money each month from the campaign while also working for CNN.

According to a Washington Post report, the CNN commentator scored $20,000 in a single month for "strategy consulting," not as part of a severance, as CNN says each time Lewandowski is on camera.

According to the FEC filings, Lewandowski served as a consultant for Trump in August, not a former employee.

The Post calls out the cable news network for "raising anew the conflict of interest issue that has dogged" the hiring.

A Politico report last week alleged the same, noting that Lewandowski was spotted at the Manchester Radisson ahead of a Trump speech. He was also seen a few days later offering advice to Trump insiders behind the scenes.

Trump’s New Hampshire-based senior national adviser, Mike Biundo, confirmed that Lewandowski does get updated briefings about his home state, New Hampshire. Lewandowski reportedly told Biundo, “Anything you need, you go through me,” a New Hampshire Republican claimed.

CNN chairman Jeff Zucker defended hiring Lewandowski, according to the Huffington Post. Zucker claimed that the network needs pro-Trump voices to balance the commentators supporting Clinton. Due to Trump's reputation, that can be a tall order.

Lewandowski was hired by CNN in June, immediately drawing criticism from viewers and journalists for losing objectivity.