Michael Moore blasts hateful people chasing Hillary Clinton about her health in brilliant smackdown
Filmmaker Michael Moore appears on 'The Last Word' on May 11, 2016. (DailyMotion)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's cough she said was induced by allergies has gone into her lungs and caused her to have "walking pneumonia."

According to Clinton's campaign, the former Secretary of State was diagnosed Friday between a national security panel briefing, press conference, interviews and fundraiser.

Donald Trump supporters used the opportunity to stoke conspiracy theories about Clinton, claiming, "something is going on" and alluding to a larger problem.

It was this response, as well as the comments from Trump supporters online, that prompted activist and filmmaker Michael Moore to fire off a frustrated tweet. "All [you] have to do is read the hateful comments about Hillary's health incident today and then ask yourself, whose America do [you] want to live in?" he tweeted.

He did admit, however, that not releasing the information sooner didn't look good for a campaign that is trying to show Clinton is capable of transparency.

Moore also took a swipe at Clinton campaign staffers for not being there to help her.

As we've noted on Raw Story, Clinton is being forced to work many times harder than Trump to prove herself and media has admitted they hold her to a higher standard than Trump.