Newsweek reporter reveals why America’s ability to bomb ISIS would be at risk if Trump wins
Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald talks about the Trump Organization on CNN (Screen cap).

Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald dropped a bombshell report on Donald Trump's shady business dealings this week, and he's been making the rounds on cable news to explain why Trump's businesses represent a "national security nightmare" for the United States.

Media Matters notes that Eichenwald appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to explain how Trump has massive conflicts of interest in key countries around the world that would compromise his ability to make national security decisions that are in the best interests of the country. To cite one prominent example, Eichenwald discussed Trump's business connections in Turkey.

"You have in Turkey a connection between Trump and a politically tied organization," the reporter explained. "In fact, it was so politically tied that when there was a project that was launched, the president of Turkey came out to stand there with Donald Trump. Well, the president of Turkey has now declared that to have been a major mistake."

It seems that the Dogan family, the family who runs the organization Eichenwald is referring to, is right now facing criminal allegations for their conduct. This means that Trump's ties to them could jeopardize America's alliance with a key NATO country that serves as a launch pad for attacks against Islamic State militants.

"What I am being told is that Turkey's cooperation with the United States in terms of providing an airbase where we are able to launch bombers against ISIS would be at risk if Donald Trump was president," Eichenwald told CNN. "And, so, then you come down to who is Donald Trump going to side with? Is he going to try and repair relations with the Turkish government, or is he going to try and act on behalf of his investments and business partners there?"

Check out the full segment below.