Seth Meyers shreds Trump for mistreating models: 'Law-and-order candidate or Law and Order SVU?'
Seth Meyers jokes "The red face is coming! The red face is coming!" (Photo: Screen capture)

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers slammed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on his Wednesday night show for the illegal immigration practices his modeling agency practiced for foreign models.

The story broke in Mother Jones that foreign-born models are coming forward to tell their story about the working conditions under Trump's modeling agency as well as the lack of work visas. It's one of the many hypocritical things that Trump has done while saying he wants laws to outlaw practices he’s engaged in himself.

Meyers was disgusted by the new revelation and used it as part of his "Couple Things" segment.

"First thing," Meyers began. "If you've been thinking to yourself, 'The only way Hillary Clinton can win this election is if it turns out Donald Trump has been keeping underage girls in a basement,' good news. Are you the law-and-order candidate or the 'Law and Order SVU' candidate?"

When it came to the second thing, Meyers wondered why Trump has a modeling agency to begin with. "You built a reputation as a construction magnate," he said, before slipping into his Trump impression. "I'm gonna build buildings. I'm gonna build a wall. And I also dabble in hoe couture. I love couture, especially if it's hoed. In fact, my couture is the hoest."

As a "side thing," Meyers wondered if Melania Trump was ok with the whole thing. "Because I know that if I were a former model and your third wife, I'd be a little nervous. That poor woman must keep her Xanax in a Pez dispenser."

"Third thing, when are you going to realize it wasn't a good idea to put your name on every f*cking product you've ever been a part of?" he asked before slipping into his Trump impression again. "Should we call it Excelsior Models? No, we call it Trump Models so people know it's classy. Now get those girls in the basement!" He continued that if Trump ever robbed a bank his getaway car would have the words "Trump Robberies" on the side.

As a final thing, Meyers said that Trump's candidacy "is built around the single of keeping illegal immigrants out of the country. You keep talking about an extreme vetting process. Is it, 'put on this crocheted bikini and stand under a bright light?' Oh, she's not a terrorist, she's a 10!" Meyers joked.

Check out the video below: