This black woman is voting Trump to stick it to immigrants and her 'misguided social media friends'
Jay Stephens (Vice)

A black Donald Trump supporter is sick of people telling her who is qualified to serve as president, so she's backing the real estate developer and former reality TV star.

Jay Stephens, a Vice contributor, explained how desultory cynicism has led her to reject democratic and media traditions that have developed around the presidential election.

"Like a majority of Americans, I don't trust the news to tell me the truth," Stephens said in an essay published Wednesday. "I am genuinely baffled every four years when the otherwise intelligent people I know invest themselves fully in watching staged cable news shows and sharing clickbait articles they probably didn't even read."

The 24-year-old Stephens, who writes elsewhere that she became a conservative in college, seems to think agreeing with consensus opinions makes her a "brainwashed idiot," so she overvalues unconventional ideas.

"Trump's rhetoric is divisive, but some divisive policy-driven rhetoric is exactly what African-Americans need right now," Stephens said.

Stephens finds Trump's anti-immigration stance so appealing that she completely overlooks his alignment with organized white supremacists, anti-black violence at his rallies and his lifelong track record of racial bigotry -- all of which can be verified in local and national news reporting.

"African-Americans must look beyond the absurdist racist caricature that has been painted for us of Trump and be prepared to talk honestly about how illegal immigration is one of the many forces hampering our success," she said.

Stephens realizes a Trump presidency poses certain risks, but she's still willing to vote Trump, just to prove a point.

"This election cycle, many of my misguided social media friends have tried to make Black Lives Matter and the crusade against police brutality the top political issue for African-Americans," Stephen said. "As an African-American, I find this extremely insulting to my intelligence."