WATCH: Trump's 'taco truck on every corner' guy gets chance at redemption — and utterly fails
Marco Gutierrez, the "taco truck on every corner" guy (Photo: Screen capture)

When Marco Gutierrez spoke to Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC about his work as Latino's for Trump, he made the critical mistake of promising American voters that if Donald Trump was not elected there would be taco trucks on every corner. The internet erupted with glee because people generally love tacos.

The humiliation of becoming the "taco truck on every corner guy" didn't end there, however. Gutierrez brought scrutiny on himself that caused negative publicity of past sketchy business practices, including stealing from clients and cheating bankruptcy creditors.

This week, comedian Samantha Bee wanted to give Gutierrez an opportunity to redeem himself and show the world that he is an upstanding member of the Latino community. It didn't go so well.

When asked how he views Mexicans Gutierrez admitted he sees them as "stubborn, arrogant, false pride, intolerant, selfish."

"That's a typical Mexican," the reporter asked.

"Yes," Gutierrez said. "I'm one of them."

It is still unclear what Gutierrez's role is in attracting Mexican-Americans to support Donald Trump.

Check out the shocking video below: