Bill Maher is furious at Anthony Weiner: He said 'he never actually f*cked anyone — well now he has'
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

HBO host Bill Maher doesn't give a damn about Hillary Clinton's emails, he still thinks that Donald Trump is far too dangerous to be president. When it comes to Anthony Weiner, however, Maher's furious.

In his Friday episode of "Real Time," Maher let Anthony Weiner have it. Weiner was found to hold the newly discovered emails responsible for reigniting the Clinton scandal. According to Maher, Weiner swore that his problems online weren't as severe because "he never actually f*cked anyone," Maher said. "Well, now he has. Planet Earth." He went on to talk about Weiner's penis, saying that it may or may not be large but it certainly casts a long shadow.

According to Maher, Clinton can't seem to get away from what he calls "out of control c*cks" in her life. He began listing them off, starting with Clinton's husband, "then it was Donald Trump's and now it's Anthony Weiners. Or as she calls them, 'My basket of deplorable horn-dogs.'"

Republicans are foaming at the mouth about the new information, Maher mentioned. "Only, Republicans could look at an investigation for sexually propositioning a minor and say, 'Yeah, did you find anything really disgusting? Like mishandled email. Something that would really revolt people.'"

In the end, Maher doesn't know what will happen but it doesn't matter to him.

"So, I don't know what they're going to find, and I don't care. She's got a server in her basement," Maher said. "I don't care if she's got Jonbenet Ramsey in her basement I'm still not voting for Donald Trump!"

Maher also thought the ordeal was so absurd and remarked that he wished Clinton would send a text to Trump so that Americans could finally see his tax returns.

Check out the full video below: