Breitbart alt-right fever dream shifts sights to 'pro-Islamic' Paul Ryan in laughable screed
Paul Ryan speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

A conservative website so closely aligned with Donald Trump that its CEO also performs similar duties for the GOP nominee's campaign has launched a full-scale attack on House Speaker Paul Ryan, laughably attacking him as "pro-Islamic," and hoping to undercut the former GOP vice presidential nominee.

Saturday morning, published a story under the headline: "He’s with her: Inside Paul Ryan’s months-long campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president.”

With Trump fading badly in the polls, it appears that Breitbart CEO Steven Bannon wants to take Ryan down too, in line with earlier reports that Bannon told staffers “Paul Ryan is the enemy,” and "Long game is him gone by spring.”

According to the article, Ryan is more closely allied with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton than conservatives, and favors foreign nationals over everyday Americans.

In one over-heated passage sure to push the buttons of the virulently racist readers of Breitbart, Ryan is accused of leading, "the pro-Islamic migration wing of the Republican party.”

Comparing Ryan to Clinton, the article alleges, "they see themselves as representatives not only for American citizens, but also for foreign nationals and foreign interests. This view that the needs of foreign citizens are equal to the needs of American citizens reflects the belief that Americans are only part of many interest groups that a lawmaker ought to consider when crafting legislation—even as he or she negotiates with other countries, which always put their citizens first."

Ryan is also taken to task for not supporting Trump and dismissing the candidates absurd concerns that the election id rigged.

"The divide between progressive globalism and nation-state conservatism perhaps helps to illuminate why Ryan has spent months both quietly and loudly undermining his own party’s nominee for president," wrote the article's author, Julia Hahn. "Just this past week, Ryan denounced concerns about voter fraud expressed by his Party’s nominee–insisting that the election results will be inherently secure. Ryan’s spokesman told Buzzfeed that the Republican House Speaker is 'fully confident' the election will be carried out 'with integrity.'"

"After he finally issued his tepid endorsement of Trump, Ryan continued to be one of Trump’s most frequent public critics—making repeated declarations in high-profile media appearances that would seem to undermine the party’s presumptive nominee," she continued.

It appears that Bannon, through his website, hopes to diminish the power and influence of the House Speaker at at time when he may be in danger of losing the gavel should Trump's collapse affect down-ticket Republicans, turning control of the House back over to the Democrats.