CNN panel destroys Scottie Nell Hughes’s claim that women won’t care about Trump’s p*ssy comments
Voctor Blackwell, Maria Cardona, Scottie Nell Hughes, Tara Setmayer -- CNN screencapture

CNN regular Scottie Nell Hughes -- one of the sole defenders of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump following revelations about his 2005 comments about how he enjoyed sexually assaulting women -- was back on TV Saturday morning attempting to make it all go away.

Needless to say, she only managed to fan the flames.

The morning after she was absolutely blistered by CNN commentator Ana Navarro,  Hughes was part of a discussion on Trump's late night "apology" which turned into an attack on the Clintons.

Conservative CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer began by criticizing anyone who tried to bring former President Bill Clinton into the discussion, calling them "hypocrites."

"If you want to get down to brass tacks here, this is catastrophic for Donald Trump," Setmayer said. "Because most women are going to look at this and be repulsed by it, as they should be. So to sit there and try to say, 'oh, this is just men being men,' that is -- that is, first of all, is casting aspersions on majority of men who are good and would never speak that way about women, especially married women. This is not acceptable. we should not be casting aside our character and integrity and standards for political expediency."

Clinton backer Maria Cardona joined in, adding, "If there was an isolated incident as inappropriate and inexcusable as it was, you know, maybe. But this is 30 years in the running. Let's not forget all of the disgusting things he said on Howard Stern earlier in his career talking about what he would do to women, grading women's bodies, degrading this them."

Given the last word by host Victor Blackwell, Hughes gamely tried to dismiss the whole controversy that has GOP officeholders jumping ship.

"To Tara's point, this is all about the female vote," Hughes conceded. "While it's wrong, it is a distraction. This morning, no woman woke up affected by these words. what they were affected by --"

"Are you kidding me?" a stunned  Cardonna blurted, before smirking and adding, "Wow."

Watch the video below via CNN: