CNN's John King: 'People go to jail' for the type of sexual assault Trump brags he commits
John King (CNN/screen grab)

During a panel discussion on the bombshell tape released on Friday of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump boasting of sexually assaulting women by grabbing "them by the p*ssy," CNN host John King went beyond the vulgar language to point out that Trump was confessing to a crime.

After sharing a clip of the video that has rocked the Trump campaign and caused fellow Republicans to flee, King called Trump's admission "a crime."

"I said what you're about to see was some graphic language. That's one of the tamest parts," he explained. "And the point, if you go on in this tape, that's he's talking about making unwanted advances on a married woman. He also talks about conduct that is a crime. If he did it. People go to jail for the things that he was talking about doing, groping women. That was the dam opening."

Turning to Trump's videotaped apology, King noted that it took Trump's aides to get him to go on the record and admit that he was wrong

"In his video released Saturday night, after took his aides hours to convince him this was a big deal, this was important too," King continued. "He doesn't say in the video that I never did this. He never says he never did this. I'm going to say it one more time: he's bragging about things that people go to jail too. Men say stupid things in locker rooms. Men do not talk about committing crimes in locker rooms or, if anybody brings it up, the grown-up in the team tells him to shut up."

Watch the video below via CNN: