Fox News hosts: Trump waiting for more 'bombshells' to come -- 'They will drip them out'
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Rhona Wise )

According to Fox News correspondent Ed Henry, the Trump campaign is girding for more revelations similar to the Friday night bombshell recording of the GOP presidential nominee boasting about grabbing women "right in the p*ssy," while attempting to set up adulterous liaisons.

In tweets from the Fox News host -- who was pulled off the White House beat after admitting to an affair of his own -- he claims he interviewed Trump confidant Dr. Ben Carson who has spoken with the candidate since the Friday night video release from 2005 that has sent the campaign into complete disarray and GOP lawmakers stampeding for the exits.

On Twitter, Henry wrote, ".@RealBenCarson told me he spoke to @realDonaldTrump this am: "He's not going anywhere. He told me he is staying in."

Moments later Henry added, "@RealBenCarson told me he & @realDonaldTrump talked about more revelations coming: "They have have more things & they will drip them out"

Henry then approvingly retweeted a post containing a transcript from Fox News colleague Martha McCallum, saying, "So this is coming - it's coming from Ed Henry. And I just wanted to, you know, bring it to the viewers at home."

She added, "According to the interview that Ed Henry did with Ben Carson, they believe that there is more to come. That there wiull be other bombshells like what we heard last night. I mean, if that is the case --now they may be trying to prepare for it and there might be somthing else out there and they are trying to prepare the American people for it."

Trump is reportedly bunkered down in Trump Towers with campaign spokesperson Kellyanne Conway and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- after cancelling all the appearances through the weekend -- supposedly in preparation for Sunday night's debate with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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