Internet trolls the hell out of Kayleigh McEnany after she whines the election is being called for Hillary
Kayleigh McEnany (CNN)

Of all of the so-called "Trump advocates" infesting the cable TV talk show, few have attracted the attention of the public like Kayleigh McEnany who has been at  the center of multiple shouting matches. With multiple degrees from Georgetown, Harvard Law, and having studied at Oxford, McEnany is the polished version fellow Trump backer Scottie Nell Hughes.

With Trump in a free fall in the polls with no end in sight -- other than defeat on November 8 -- McEnany turned to Twitter Saturday morning to lament pollsters and political prognosticators saying the election is all but over.

She tweeted: "Intriguing to watch so many declare a victor in an election that has yet to occur..."

Twitter trolls who have caught her act on cable TV, were quick to respond that she hasn't done herself any favors by backing an horrific candidate accused of everything from sexual assault to fraud to unabashed racism.

For a selection of responses, see below: