Mike Pence ditches reporters in Ohio after Trump 'hot mic' story breaks: 'We're not doing this'
Indiana governor Mike Pence (House GOP/Flickr)

Pool reporters were ditched by Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate Mike Pence this afternoon as the news was breaking about Trump's "hot mic" moment talking about women in vulgar terms. Reporters have been shocked and disgusted as have Republicans, who are coming out to denounce it.

As the story was breaking, Pence was shaking hands at a local restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, where it is customary for famous people to autograph a hot dog bun. Pool reporters followed Pence into the restaurant to take photos and throw out a few questions. According to CNN's Brianna Keilar, the staffer with Pence was leading reporters back to the back where Pence was. The staffer then stopped, had pool reporters stay where they were, and went back to say something to Pence.

"You know what, we're not doing this," the aide said, returning to reporters.

Reporters asked if they could get photos of Pence leaving the restaurant, where they also might be able to ask questions and they were told no. Pence fled from there.

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