NYT's Charles Blow crushes 'domestic terrorist' Trump: 'He should be laughed into hiding'
New York Times columnist Charles Blow on CNN New Day discussing Trump's minority outreach effort (Screen capture)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow unloaded on Donald Trump as an immature and dangerous man who should be too ashamed to show his face in public.

"Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist; only his form of terror doesn’t boil down to blowing things up," Blow wrote in a column published Monday morning. "He’s the 70-year-old toddler who knows nearly nothing, hurls insults, has simplistic solutions for complex problems and is quick to throw a tantrum. Also, in case you didn’t know it, this toddler is mean to girls and is a bit of a bigot."

Blow's comparison echoed remarks made Sunday night by HBO's John Oliver, who called Trump "incoherent" and compared him to a "racist toddler coming out of dental surgery."

But the columnist went even further, attacking the Republican presidential nominee's principles, integrity and personality.

"It isn’t so much that he is a strict disciple of radical ideology, but rather that he is devoid of fixed principles, willing to do anything and everything to gain fame, fortune and power," Blow wrote. "He has an endless, consuming need for perpetual affirmation. This is a bully who just wants to be liked, a man-boy nursing a nagging internal emptiness."

"He’s fickle and spoiled and rotten," he added.

Blow catalogued some of Trump's worst offenses from just the past week and deemed him dangerously unfit for the presidency.

"He shouldn’t be ushered into the White House; he should be laughed into hiding," Blow wrote. "His querulous nature shouldn’t be coddled; it should be crushed."

"America is in need of a leader, not a puerile, sophomoric sniveler who is too easily baited and grossly ill-behaved," he added. "Go to your gilded room, Donald. The adults need to pick a president."