Rudy Giuliani's stunning admission: 'I don't know if I know exactly the definition of rigged'
Wolf Blitzer vs. Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer is typically a mild-mannered host, but he laid the smackdown on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's need to invent facts and claim that the system is only rigged when no charges are brought against former Sec. Hillary Clinton.

"Let's see what he concludes about this," Giuliani said. "The conclusion that [FBI Director James Comey] came to in the first investigation defies logic with regard to both statutes including the evidence of intent. Let's see the conclusion he comes to on this."

Blitzer said he wanted to press Giuliani on that. "You're saying only if he concludes that she did engage this criminal activity would your confidence be restored? If he clears her once again, your confidence would not be restored?"

Giuliani said that it depended on the evidence.

"Donald Trump says the system is, in his words, 'totally rigged' and he said that when the FBI director originally recommended no charges against Hillary Clinton," Blitzer continued. "Today Donald Trump says the system, in his words, 'Might not be as rigged as he once thought' because of what happened today. Do you agree with Donald Trump?"

Giuliani said he couldn't answer that because he's unclear about what happened today and what the new evidence is. That didn't stop him from speculating on any number of other conspiracy theories.

"So, is the system only rigged when the FBI director decides to go against you?" Blitzer finally asked.

"No. Absolutely not. I happen to be the US Attorney who recommended special prosecutor for the republican attorney general," Giuliani said, attempting to claim non-partisanship.

"Because Donald Trump accused the FBI and Justice Department of being rigged because they went forward, take a look at this tweet from Donald Trump: 'Crooked Hillary colluded with FBI and DOJ and media is covering up to protect her. It's a rigged system, our country deserves better,'" Blitzer read. "He says it's a rigged system, the FBI and Department of Justice. You don't agree with that, right?"

"Do I agree that the original investigation and the way it was handled by the Justice Department was entirely unethical? Yes. I don't know if I know exactly the definition of rigged," Giuliani said.

He then went off on a tangent about what classified information looked like. Blitzer had to interrupt him numerous times to clarify that Giuliani's facts weren't entirely accurate, but Giuliani refused to relent.

Watch the faceoff below: