Seth Meyers rips Mike Pence's 'alternative universe' -- where Trump isn't an unhinged 'man-child'
Seth Meyers (NBC)

Seth Meyers confronted Mike Pence with the reality that he's running alongside an unhinged "man-child who can't be trusted to tweet without adult supervision."

The "Late Night" host said Pence "sanitized and excused" Trump's awful statements and terrible policies by simply pretending they didn't exist.

"Pence in this debate was like a candidate from an alternate universe where his running mate wasn't Donald Trump," Meyers said. "His strategy for deflecting criticism of Trump's most controversial comments was just to flat-out deny that they'd ever come out of Trump's mouth in the first place."

Tim Kaine challenged Pence to defend Trump's offensive statements about Mexicans and Syrian refugees and his claims that NATO was obsolete and the world would be safer if more nations had nuclear weapons -- and the GOP candidate acted like they were made up.

"Even when Pence didn't interrupt, he perfected the art of chuckling and shaking his head like a vice principal coming home to see that his house had been TP'd," Meyers said.

Of course, Trump has actually said all the terrible things that Kaine claimed, and Meyers proved it by playing video evidence of those statements alongside footage of Pence chuckling and shaking his head like a hack comedian doing a Ronald Reagan impersonation.

He even showed a clip of Pence praising Vladimir Putin as a strong leader, which Pence denied saying during the debate.

"As much as Pence lied about Trump's record, pundits declared him the winner last night on style," Meyers said.

His calm demeanor drew praise in comparison to Trump's terrible debate performance last week -- which apparently made the Republican presidential nominee jealous.

"We don't say a lot of positive things about Donald Trump on this show, but Donald -- your boy Mike Pence is great on TV," Meyers said. "I mean, what a good debater -- he is nothing like you. He was calm and polite, regular-sized hands, I mean, he never got all red and sweaty. He should coach you. Seriously, it was a great night for the Pence-Trump ticket."

Watch the entire segment posted online by Late Night With Seth Meyers: