Sikh man furious after Trump campaign IDs him as 'Muslim’ supporter with swiped photo
Gurinder Singh Khalsa, a Sikh man who was misidentified as a Muslim Trump supporter by the campaign (Screen cap).

We've seen several stories about Trump supporters attacking Sikhs this year after mistaking them for Muslims.

So you can only imagine the horror that Indiana man Gurinder Singh Khalsa felt when he discovered that a Trump campaign flier intended to showcase the diversity of the candidate's support used his picture and misidentified him as both a Muslim and a Trump supporter.

"I am not Muslim and I am not supporting Trump," Singh Khalsa, who is actually a Sikh, tells local news station WTHR. "He is putting my picture, saying Muslims support him and I have nothing to do with it. I don't support Trump. Nobody even asked me to put that picture there. It was shocking, disturbing and this will create more confusion among people because they are sending it nationwide."

Ironically, Singh Khalsa is actually politically active, and he's even founded his own group called Sikhs PAC, whose goal is to help Americans understand the differences between Sikhs and other religions around the world.

It seems that this lesson has been completely lost on the Trump campaign, which has apologized to Singh Khalsa for any confusion it caused and has vowed to change the flier.

Check out the full local news report below.