‘The truth should be free!’: Trump supporters want their Trump TV — they just don’t want to pay for it
Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump take a photograph together as they wait inside the Tampa Convention Center before a town hall meeting on March 14, 2016 in Tampa , Florida (AFP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Donald Trump has revved up his war on the media in recent weeks, suggesting that biased coverage of his campaign is rigging the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

With that, some have floated the idea that upon the Trump campaign's imminent failure in two weeks, he may launch his own media company: Trump TV. But most of his supporters are unwilling to pay for the program, BuzzFeed News finds.

As the 2016 Election cycle comes to a prompt end, many are wondering what’s in store for Republican nominee Donald Trump if he loses come November 8.

It's hard to tell what will come next for the real estate mogul, whose failed campaign has significantly damaged his brand.

Recent polls put Trump far behind his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton. Clinton already leads in the electoral count with 307 votes followed by Trump's 174 and RealClearPolitics reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns said that at this point, Trump winning “would take a comeback of historic proportions.”

Journalists covering the campaign have reported how Trump's dangerous rhetoric about the media has prompted supporters to create an unsafe environment for press at his rallies.

For instance, during a campaign event in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 13, supporters stood near the press pen and angrily shouted things like "we're mad at you."

When it comes to Trump TV, the GOP nominee's supporters are all for it. However, they think it should be free.

BuzzFeed News reporters spoke with various Trump supporters during his campaign stops in four Florida cities, St. Augustine, Tampa, Sanford, and Tallahassee to hear from them about their thoughts on the mainstream media and Trump TV.

A businessman from Ridge Manor named Don Griffin said, "He’s got the money and connections to do it. Oh, man I’d watch it in a heartbeat, I sure would. And I’d love it." There was a catch, though.

Griffin added, "I probably wouldn’t pay for it."

BuzzFeed News spoke with 41 people over the course of two days, and only eight respondents said they would pay for a Trump entertainment package.

Those who suggested otherwise offered reasons such as, "It should be free. The truth should be free and I shouldn’t have to pay just to get a non-biased opinion."