Tomi Lahren denies she’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’ after trotting out debunked ‘Clinton body count'
Tomi Lahren (Facebook)

Tomi Lahren has become a breakout star of conservative media this year, and it's mainly been due to her full embrace of angry white grievance.

That said, Lahren can go pretty deep into the weeds of conspiracy theories as well, and in a new interview with the Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein, she muses on whether Bill and Hillary Clinton have had their political opponents murdered over the years.

During the interview, Weinstein asks her about her view that Sen. Bernie Sanders is only supporting Hillary Clinton right now because he's worried that he might otherwise mysteriously disappear. Weinstein then asks her, "Do you really believe that the Clintons are killing people?"

"You know, sometimes we look at patterns and we look at things that are happening, and sometimes you can't dismiss everything as a conspiracy," she said. "There has been some mysterious circumstances that have surrounded what we just saw with the DNC leaks, then what happened to [DNC staffer Seth Rich], who worked at the DNC that was in charge of that."

Weinstein pointed out the Seth Rich's family has shot down conspiracy theories about their son's death, and have asked people to stop alleging that he was murdered by the Clintons. Lahren, however, wasn't buying it.

"His family doesn't want to be in a body bag either, Jamie!" she shot back at him.

"You think he might have been killed by the Clintons?" asked Weinstein.

"I don't know if he was killed by the Clintons or a Clinton hit person," she replied. "I'm not going to sit here and be what you want me to be, which is a conspiracy theorist."

Of course, given that she's now publicly entertained the idea that the Clintons have been systematically killing their foes for decades, it's a little late for Lahren to separate herself from the "conspiracy theorist" label.

Listen to the full interview below -- the talk about the Clintons' body count begins at the 28-minute mark.