WATCH: Larry David returns as Bernie Sanders in brilliant SNL Clinton vs Trump 'Family Feud'
Larry David, Kenan Thompson, and Kate McKinnon -- (NBC screen grab)

While the lion's share of attention was given to Alec Baldwin's dead-on impersonation of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, an old familiar face popped up too.

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David returned once more as Bernie Sanders representing Team Clinton in a parody of Family Feud.

David's star turn as a cantankerous Sanders wasn't the only highlight though. SNL cast-member Kate McKinnon -- already an Emmy award winner in part for her portrayal of Hillary Clinton -- absolutely nailed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, including a very self-aware explanation of what her job entails as a spokesperson for the GOP nominee.

Buzzing in to supply a Feud answer, she rambled, "See, I do not have an answer even though I buzzed in, so I'll do what I always do which is talk and talk until people forget the question -- then I'm going to make an insane claim about Hillary."

"Um, Hillary Clinton is North Korean," she added with a smug smile.

An additional standout was guest host Margot Robbie as a creepily robotic Ivanka Trump with continuously windblown hair.

Watch the video below via NBC: