WATCH: The View dissolves into laughter at Scottie Nell Hughes getting destroyed by Ana Navarro
View panelists Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin -- (ABC screen grab)

The all-women panel of ABC's The View had to wait all weekend to weigh in on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's vile "p*ssy grabbing" comments and, as you might expect, they were disgusted and mocked Trump's defense of it as "locker room" talk.

Then conversation soon turned to Trump's crashing poll numbers and GOP lawmakers fleeing from the now more-toxic-than-ever candidate.

"It's a beautiful thing that everyone is abandoning him," co-host Joy Behar remarked.

"Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, another groper, is abandoning him. You can't even rely on a groper to stay behind you" she continued to laughter from the studio audience.

Whoopi Goldberg then jumped in to express appreciation for CNN contributor Ana Navarro who blew up at diehard Trump booster Scottie Nell Hughes on Friday night for whining at her for using the word "p*ssy" over and over again when talking about Trump.

"My favorite Republican reaction came from one of my favorite Republicans, Ana Navarro," Goldberg said. "Look at her in this clip, she is no joke."

Following the clip -- with the audience applauding and the panel laughing -- Goldberg added, "There's maybe more videos of Trump behaving badly. Producers of 'The Apprentice' claim they're sitting on a video of Don using the n-word. What a surprise!"

Watch the video below via YouTube: