White nationalists see opportunity to pack Trump administration: 'We are the new GOP!'
White nationalist William Johnson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

White nationalists are working to identify their "top people" -- or at least any racist with a college degree -- to staff a potential Donald Trump administration.

William Johnson, chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, and other organized racists who back the Republican presidential nominee see a chance to set White House policy if Trump is elected next month, reported The Guardian.

Johnson, who briefly was a Trump delegate from California, and Richard Spencer, director of the National Policy Institute and originator of the term "alt-right," believe Trump might pack his cabinet with white supremacists.

"I want Jared Taylor [of American Renaissance] as UN Ambassador, and Kevin MacDonald [an evolutionary psychologist] as secretary of health and Ann Coulter as homeland security," Johnson said, recalling a conversation he had with Spencer three months ago.

Spencer said at the time that his wish list was "a pipe dream," but now they believe it could become a reality.

"If Trump wins, all the establishment Republicans, they’re gone," Johnson said. "They hate him! So who’s left? If we can lobby, we can put our people in there."

Johnson and other members of his white nationalist organization, which is working to turn the United States into a white-only ethnostate, have been poring over "The Plum Book" that lists thousands of civil service positions in the federal government.

“It’s plum because of the color, but also because of the plum positions – there are 20,000 jobs in that book that are open to a new administration," Johnson said.

“So we need to identify our top people!” said Eric, a neo-Nazi who moved on from Buddhism to Norse and Celtic religion.

“Just anyone with a college degree!” Johnson said.

The Guardian reported that Eric was practically bouncing in his seat with excitement about helping to serve as Trump's transition team.

"We need to get the word out," Eric said. "We are the new GOP!”