Ex-Breitbart consultant warns right-wing site has become 'propaganda arm of the Trump White House'
Kurt Bardella (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Breitbart consultant Kurt Bardella appeared with right-wing pundit Jeffry Lord on CNN to explain why having Steve Bannon as a senior advisor to the White House is a dangerous choice.

"I think that they represent a worldview that is incredibly dangerous and divisive, and to have this kind of proximity to the White House," Bardella confessed. "I mean, Breitbart has gone from being the propaganda arm of the Trump campaign to being the propaganda arm of the Trump White House. That should be concerning to all Americans."

Lord was shocked by such an accusation, claiming that he reads Breitbart every day. He explained that the site is no different than any other right-leaning sites. "You're not going to hear much difference out of Breitbart than you are from Rush Limbaugh."

Host Chris Cuomo seemed shocked, "You think that Rush Limbaugh would be a good guy to have as a president's top strategist?" he asked. "With him spending all his time trying to divide this country?"

Bardella explained that sites like Breitbart have one agenda and a single perspective that is "void of reality and facts." He sees the site as one that increases "the worst divisions amongst the American people and their worst fears to try to advance a very narrow-minded agenda." He explained that the site only hopes to create conflict and to prop up Donald Trump.

Cuomo noted that people will always agree and disagree on politics. "But what Breitbart does whether they're targeting me, or targeting other people in the media, is they deceive, they distort context and they do it to advance an agenda that the media is against you, and that everything is the left, and that the system is the left, and that this is about a race war and about white America being put down. And now you have that guy in the White House speaking for all Americans."

Lord seemed shocked such a characterization of Bannon could exist. He then tried to attack Bardella asking where he was when Obama was trying to take down Fox News. (Obama never attempted to shut down Fox News he was furious they lied about what he said in a speech and said he wished the way media reports could be different.)

Bardella was quick to clarify that he was busy working for Darrell Issa at the time. Yet, Lord wouldn't relent attacking Bardella.

Finally, Cuomo intervened, "I think you're picking the wrong target for your criticism."

Watch the full video below: