Facebook bans retired Navy officer for criticizing 'actual f*cking Nazis'
Jim Wright (Facebook)

Retired Navy officer Jim Wright of the liberal blog Stonekettle Station said this week that he was banned by Facebook for speaking out against supporters of the Nazi Party.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Wright explained that Facebook had notified him that his account had been suspended for "violation of community standards."

"The community standard I violated is apparently the one where you’re not allowed to criticize actual, no fooling, Nazis," he wrote. "That’s right, I was banned for criticizing an actual Nazi."

According to Wright, Facebook banned him for a post in which he spoke out against several Twitter users who were defending the history of the Nazi Party.

"I've got hundreds of angry messages here telling me to stop calling Trump supporters fascists," Wright said in the post that got him banned. "And I would, except for the part where I keep running into ACTUAL FUCKING NAZIS."

Wright continued:

So again, you don't want to be called a Nazi?

Then stop hanging out with actual Nazis. Just stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Stop hanging out with Nazis. Don't be polite to Nazis. Don't think that the First Amendment means you have to be respectful of Nazis. Don't pretend Nazis have a valid point of view. They're Nazis.

Stop standing next to Nazis.

Stop acting like Nazis.

Stop cheering Nazis.

Stop voting for the people Nazis vote for.

They're fucking NAZIS. You don't have to be polite to them. It's okay to hate them. They're fucking NAZIS.

Wright speculated that his account was locked by Facebook for 24 hours after people who opposed his post flagged it as "spam."

"The people who do this sort of thing, do so specifically in order to silence people they don’t like, not because they are actually offended," he noted. "My ban from the platform is the result of Facebook’s lousy architecture, which lets bullies and harassers abuse Facebook’s automated system – a system that was supposedly put in place to make Facebook safer – and I have absolutely no recourse to protest or appeal."

Wright told Raw Story on Wednesday afternoon that his Facebook account was still locked.

"I know they are aware of the situation," he said. "But I've received no response from Facebook either formally or via informal channels."

Wright has promised that he will not back down if and when Facebook reinstates his account -- even if it means he is banned again.

"Those who know me, know that I am a veteran who fought under the flag of the United States of America for more than 20 years, can probably guess which way I’ll go," he wrote. "Given America’s new acceptance of fascism, I suspect platforms like Facebook and Twitter will either have to become more accommodating of actual fascist ideology and less tolerant of people like me, or risk going to the wall themselves – especially given that our new president has made it very clear that he intends to directly control how the media, including social media, reports on his administration."