‘F*ck your feelings’: University Race and Gender studies department vandalized with Trump-inspired chalk
"Feminism Is Cancer" chalking at University of Alabama (Screenshot, Juan P Black Romero Facebook)

Students and administrators were welcomed by a sea of hateful Trump-inspired chalk messages outside Manly Hall at the University of Alabama on Friday, AL.com reports.

Manly Hall is home to the departments of Religious Studies and Gender and Race Studies and the messages clearly targeted the people who frequent the building.

The racist and anti-feminist messages were written in chalk outside the building and read, "Build a freaking wall #YUGE," "Trump 2016," "F*ck your feelings," and "#Feminism is cancer."

A faculty member of the department shared the photos on Facebook with a message that accompanied the post. Juan P Black Romero, who is a part-time instructor of "race, gender, and Latino immigration politics" at the university wrote:

Another of those hateful mornings at my office. They have become too common by now. Less than a week from the election and the push for the open display of racial difference that is becoming more desirable if not acceptable. This messages are warnings and threats to all of us who want a better world for all. These messages set the limits of the achievements of our society up to this point; these messages tell us that we have gone too far in our claims of treating each other as human beings and working together. This is what is being offered as a reality in this election with Trump, this limitation and eradication of anything that doesn't build race and fulfill the desires of Whites.

I can't say I am angry anymore; I am scared, but I won't stop, ever, doing my job. If anything, I can say that I am more inclined to love. Today, I will join a group of scholars and students that deal with these issues of difference - race, gender, ageism, class, disability, and more. We will work on this, I am sure; work for a better world.

A spokesperson of the university, Chris Bryant, wrote in an emailed statement, "We have been made aware of the chalkings. As the university has strongly stated previously, hostile language and statements have no place on our campus community. These chalkings will be removed in accordance with the preapproved guidelines."

Similar Trump-inspired incidents have popped up on other college campuses across the country as well.