Fox host sounds off on Trump cabinet picks: 'You want to drain the swamp, start with Rudy Giuliani'
Fox News host Julie Roginsky (Fox News/screen grab)

The Outnumbered hosts Friday sparred over Donald Trump’s reported picks for Secretary of State, with democratic strategist Julie Roginsky suggesting if “you want to drain the swamp, start with Rudy Giuliani.”

Asked by Kennedy Montgomery why Giuliani has yet to be named to Trump’s cabinet considering his fierce loyalty to the president-elect throughout the campaign, Roginsky replied it was probably because the former New York mayor is “totally unqualified to be Secretary of State.”

“What Giuliani said is, ‘I’m qualified because I’ve travelled around a lot, as much as Hillary Clinton,’ yeah doing business with foreign governments and doing business with companies,” Roginsky began before co-host Dagen McDowell cut her off.

“Ten percent of his business was with foreign governments,” McDowell interjected. “10 percent out of 100, so 90 percent was with companies.”

“That’s fine,” Roginsky replied. “It’s still more than it should be. And actually we don’t know that because he actually hasn’t released his tax returns, much like everybody else hasn’t released them either, including our president-elect.”

“You have to go on what he says at this point,” McDowell insisted. “Ten percent, and he’s never lobbied on behalf of a foreign government.

“You don’t have to be a registered lobbyist to pull strings, and pull connections,” Roginsky shot back.

“Now liberals have religion on that?” McDowell interjected. “Given what happened to the Clinton Foundation?”

“No,” Roginsky replied. “You want to drain the swamp? Start with Rudy Giuliani, I’m not the one running around saying, ‘drain the swamp, drain the swamp.’ I’m not the one appointing super PAC billionaires to high-profile positions, that’s not me. That’s the person that wanted to drain the swamp.”

Watch the video below, via Youtube:

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