Morning Joe: If Giuliani gets Secretary of State — ‘watch everything melt down internationally'
Morning Joe discusses Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State (Screen cap).

While Donald Trump is mulling his picks for key cabinet positions, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough is sending out alarm bells about potential Secretary of State picks Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton.

While talking about leaked potential cabinet picks on Wednesday, Scarborough said it would be a terrible mistake to pick a hardcore ideologue for important foreign policy positions.

Scarborough in particular zeroed in on Rudy Giuliani, whom he described as "temperamentally not qualified" to be Secretary of State, as an example of a disastrous pick that would deeply unsettle the international community. He then went on to describe John Bolton as a "neocon on steroids" who would signal to the world that the United States is primed to become a belligerent world power.

"Experiment at home, but abroad, you can't lurch to a John Bolton," Scarborough said. "You think the Steve Bannon appointment got negative press? You think that's bad? Pick Rudy Giuliani as your secretary of state, or John Bolton as your secretary of state, and watch everything melt down internationally."

Check out the clip below.