WATCH: Angela Rye ridicules Kayleigh McEnany for defending FBI's sudden Clinton doc dump before election
CNN contributors Kayleigh McEnany and Angela Rye -- (screencapture)

A CNN panel discussion over the FBI's sudden decision to release old files on Bill Clinton, just days before voters go to the polls turned into a shouting match as boosters of Donald Trump ridiculed the idea that there was something suspicious about the document dump.

On Erin Burnett's OutFront, Trump advocates Kayleigh McEnany and Corey Lewandowski attempted to make the case that there was nothing odd about the release of information about the Clintons so close to the election.

CNN commentator Angela Rye was quick to point out that the FBI suddenly activated a dormant Twitter account to disseminate information -- mostly to the detriment of the Clintons.

'This is from an account that has not been used since October 2015, before Sunday," Rye explained. "On Sunday they released the I.G report about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. On Sunday they released surveillance requests about the Baltimore protests having to do with Freddie Gray. The only thing on the Trump side was an investigation about Donald Trump and his father donating to city council members at the time."

"It hasn't been used since October and it just so happens that the Friday after Director Comey sends this letter out to the Republican chairmen on the House and Senate side," she continued. "All of a sudden this account needs to be used?"

"Questioning the integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not going to win you a single voter --" McEnany began before Democratic consultant Keith Boykin jumped in.

"The election is rigged is an OK thing for you to do?" he exclaimed.  "You guys are the kings and queens of the conspiracy theories!"

Watch the video below via CNN: