WATCH: Bakari Sellers stunned as CNN’s Dana Bash denies GOP has been ‘cultivating’ its racist base
Dana Bash, Bakari Sellers (CNN, Screengrab)

Clinton surrogate Bakari Sellers wasn't into CNN commentator Dana Bash's insights on the GOP on Tuesday night.

During a CNN panel on Anderson Cooper 360, panelists discussed the growing divide in the Republican party and whether the GOP is to blame for the movement that allowed Donald Trump to blossom this past year.

Sellers recalled a picture that was on stage ahead of the South Carolina primary that portrayed the "future of the Republican party." The photo was of Rep. Trey Gowdy, Sen. Tim Scott, and Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

"That terrified me," Sellers says, "because that showed that for some reason, that the Republican Party had outreach mechanisms, the Republican Party was growing its base, the Republican Party was looking like the country."

He continues, "Donald Trump spoke to a part of the Republican Party that they've been cultivating for the past ten years. Every time you call Barack Obama a Kenyan, Muslim, insurgent rebel, or every time you get endorsed by KKK papers, this is what happens."

Bash chimed in at this point and claimed that it's not "fair to say that the party has been cultivating them." She says, "I think that the tail has been wagging the dog a little bit in that sense."

Noticing that Sellers is clearly at odds with her thoughts on the matter, Bash continues, touching on the Republicans that the South Carolina primary had showcased.

"Those are all four young people and Donald Trump certainly is leading the current Republican party," she says. "He's the nominee, he got the most votes. But the Republicans I talk to hope that there is time still for the party to transform itself."

Check out the full conversation below.