Press conference called off for woman accusing Trump of horrific child rape due to 'threats'
(Photo: Dan Fleckner / Shutterstock)

EDITORS UPDATE: Attorney Lisa Bloom has called off Wednesday's news conference citing threats to "Jane Doe." More information to follow.

We've heard a lot about horrific allegations of child rape against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and now it looks like his accuser in this case is finally coming forward.

Attorney Lisa Bloom announced today that the woman in question, who up until now has only been referred to as "Jane Doe," was expected to break her silence by speaking out at Bloom's law firm in Woodland Hills, California.

The alleged assault took place in 1994, when the victim was only 13 years old.

Bloom cancelled the press conference on Wednesday afternoon, stating that her client was living in fear for her life.

She explained, "Jane Doe has received numerous threats today, as have all the Trump accusers that I have represented. She is living in fear, she has decided that she’s too afraid to show her face."

If the networks neglect to cover this press conference, you can also see it on Lisa Bloom's Facebook page HERE.

The full announcement can be found below.