Banned for life: Kentucky mall boots woman who went on racist tirade in viral video
Angry shopper berates Hispanic women (Facebook)

A Kentucky mall intends to ban a woman who berated a Hispanic shopper in a profane rant that rocketed across social media.

The video, which was posted Tuesday evening on Facebook by Renee Buckner, shows the woman complaining about another shopper bringing items up to the cashier while a friend was checking out.

“Just go back wherever the f*ck you came from,” she told the other shopper, who was Hispanic. “Hey, tell them to go back where they belong. You know, they come here to live and they act like they’re everybody else. Get in the back of the line like everybody else does.”

The angry woman then suggested the Hispanic women were paying for their items with taxpayer-funded welfare income.

Officials at Jefferson Mall in Louisville said they planned to ban the woman, who is white and appears to be in her 60s, once she's identified.

"We are aware of the video posted online today from inside JCPenney," officials said on the mall's Facebook page. "Jefferson Mall strives to create a comfortable and convenient experience for all of our guests and we absolutely do not condone this type of behavior. We will work with JCPenney to identify this woman and, once identified, she will be permanently banned from Jefferson Mall, per our Behavioral Code of Conduct."

None of the other shoppers who appear in the video spoke up to defend the Hispanic women against the angry woman's rant.