Christian car-dealer celebrates Trump with bizarre holiday ad announcing he’s no longer being persecuted
Screenshot from Stanley Autogroup ad -- YouTube

In a truly bizarre ad that could only come from the heartland of the U.S., an Oklahoma car dealer and his wife celebrate America coming together under God after lamenting that "big government has failed us" as part of their holiday message to their customers.

In the video, captured by Christian Nightmares, David Stanley, owner of the David Stanley Autogroup in Oklahoma, strolls hand-in-hand with his wife in a CGI winter wonderland.

"Big government has failed us on all fronts," Stanley's wife explains as her husband adds, "With political correctness silencing our freedom of Christian expression and faith."

But all is not lost.

"It's no surprise to God, he's seen it all," they continue, "The good news? Our future looks brighter than ever as America comes together, one nation under God."

"So, as we celebrate the holidays, let's keep 'Christ" in Christmas," they add as a voiceover adds,"And God bless the United States of America" as the background changes from a bucolic farm scene to a waving American flag.

According to The Lost Ogle, commercials like this aren't unusual from Stanley, with other  also using faith, the flag and the election of Trump to sell cars.

See the ad below along with another Stanley classic below: