CNN's Chris Cuomo nails Jack Kingston: Trump was 'spreading that BS' on hacked voting machines
Jack Kingston (CNN)

A Donald Trump supporter tried to downplay the possibility that Russia attempted to influence the presidential election, but CNN's Chris Cuomo wouldn't let him.

"There was no evidence that it disrupted or effected the election results, and there is this kind of perception that, oh, they broke into the voting machines in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or anywhere else, and they swayed the outcome -- and that's not true," said Jack Kingston, a former Republican congressman.

Kingston, who visited Moscow last week and met with American business leaders there to discuss changes to U.S.-Russia policy under Trump, claimed evidence tying Russia to the DNC hacks was intentionally misleading.

"We also know about hacking that you make it look like somebody else did it," Kingston said. "It's highly unlikely that only Russia was doing it. There's probably hacking going on all over the place from other counties, as well, and lone wolf actors."

That's when Cuomo stepped in to set the record straight, reminding Kingston that the director of national intelligence had tied Russia to the hacks on Oct. 7.

"This is what they do, (and) they're very confident that it was Russia," Cuomo said. "They know how to see when it's Russia, we've talked to people involved in the investigation. I don't think we need to muddy those waters absent any new information."

He said Kington was correct that no evidence had been found to show Russia had hacked into voting machines -- but he blamed Trump for those concerns.

"Part of the reason people think that goes back to the Trump campaign, because they were advancing theories about the concern of that, and about (George) Soros and his ownership of the machines," Cuomo said. "That was coming from Trump's team and the surrogates around him who were spreading that BS in the days leading up to the election. So they have to own that, too. Those chickens are coming home to roost."