CNN's Jake Tapper takes shot at GOP senator for ducking question on Trump's failure to criticize Putin
CNN's Jake Tapper, Sen. Ron Johnson -- (CNN screen grab)

Appearing on The Lead with Jake Tapper, a Republican senator attempted to sidestep answering questions about President-elect Donald Trump's failure to ever criticize Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, only to have Tapper call him out for refusing to answer.

During an interview with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Tapper returned repeatedly to asking about the relationship between Trump and Putin, pointing out Trump has had nothing bad to say about his Russian counterpart.

“The President-elect hasn’t even been willing to criticize Russia when he was told that Vladimir Putin is thought to have been behind murders of political opponents and journalists,” Tapper said. 'Have you ever heard Donald Trump say anything critical about Vladimir Putin, or Russia, ever?"

"What I've heard him say is that he wants to strengthen our economy and stop hollowing our military," Johnson began, before ticking off a litany of Trump promises from the campaign trail and then criticizing the performance of President Barack Obama.

After pressing Johnson on the Trump and Putin relationship and not getting an answer over whether Trump has ever uttered a single criticism, Tapper told the Wisconsin Republican, “When I asked you if you could name one thing that Donald Trump ever said critical of Vladimir Putin, I didn’t hear an answer.”

“I’m not an encyclopedia of the statements he’s made or not made,” Johnson begged off.

Watch the video below via YouTube: