Gay activists attacked by men chanting Trump's name: 'It's just queer bashing'
Connor Hicks and Colin Ashley (Facebook)

A group of New York City activists say they were attacked over the weekend by four men shouting Donald Trump's name.

About 15 to 20 activists were leaving a party Saturday night at Decolonize This Space when they encountered several men wearing "Blue Lives Matter" wristbands and chanting Trump's name, wrote witness Patti Cruz on Facebook.

The men called the activists communists and f*ggots, and then the verbal clash turned violent.

“It got violent really quickly because they had the intention to fight," witness Michael Basillas told reporter Alex Rubinstein. "They were not there to troll."

One of the activists suffered a minor fracture to his nose during the fight, and three others suffered minor facial injuries.

The assailants ran off before police arrived, and the activists said they were targeted because they were a group of gay men and black women.

“It’s really just queer bashing," one of the activists told Rubinstein. "The media is going to look at it like it’s the radical left versus the alt-right, but people can ostensibly see that the people that were targeted were queer, black and non-cisgender.”